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Digital Strategy & Social Storytelling

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Strategize & Grow Your Business

Brand Design

Your brand strategy
covers everything from your identity, to your vision,
your voice, your visuals and where you show up online.
Your brand needs to be authentic to you,
while being relevant and inviting for your customers.
Social Storytelling
You’re awesome.
Do you tell your customers how awesome you are?
Do you know how to creatively and authentically communicate important brand facts, values, promotions and behind the scenes stories without being sales-y and pushy?
Hire Heidi to show you or do it for you
Digital Strategy
Your customers use different social media channels, blogs and websites for certain purposes.
You need to show up where your customers are online, tell them a great story, motivate them to action, and bring them back to where you can connect with them and make a sale.
You need a cohesive system that moves them from social to website to email/phone to sale.
Your Customer Journey

Your website has 90% influence over whether a client takes the leap and becomes a loyal, loving customer.

Today, there is an art and an science to elegantly and easily moving your customer through your website.

Whether you are just starting out, redesigning your brand or expanding your business with membership portals, e-commerce integrations and iphone/android apps, we align with your unique vision, communicate your mission authentically, and build a unique experience for your customers.