Stella Seaspirit

“I have grown my social media following increased fan engagement, rolled out 4 new successful services and officially doubled my income by the end of the first quarter of the year. I am much more confident in the clarity of my message and my ability to communicate aligned offerings to my ideal clients. I love what I do and they experience real results, it’s a win-win. Plus the added assuredness that I am an expert in my field, that what I do does bring value to the table for my clients with not only immediate benefits but long term ones too. I know that I am making a positive impact on my clients’ lives and I am doing it on a global scale, just like I once dreamed! Heidi is not just a Lightworker, she is truly a gifted LightGIVER.”

Aine Carlisle

“Do NOT sit on the fence any longer if you want to move your or biz, or both forward. WORK WITH HEIDI. In just one short strategy session she has moved my biz forward by months. Her insights and willingness to give as much as she can are powerful forces. Work with Heidi today you and your bank account will be happy you did!”

Intuitive Energy Therapist & Jeweller

Hannah Courtney

“I have been part of the community for only about 8 weeks. I found it at a time when my business was being guided through huge change which I found intimidating working on my own as a passion based business. After going through the 14 day process I came out the other side willing in the new changes. Ready to tackle the next big stage. Since then I always find myself turning to the group when I feel lost or unmotivated and the group and Heidi quickly root me back in my soul purpose and dharma. I simply love the community and can’t wait to see where it takes us lol next.”

Holistic Therapist

Margaret M.

“Heidi is my most treasured business and money coach. Every session is fun, motivating and practical! She understood my business from the word “go”, helped me define my core message and target the perfect audience all within the first couple of calls. But it doesn’t stop there – she goes the extra mile, I can truly say Heidi has not only helped me with my business but also shown me how to love myself and value my contribution with authentic honesty.”

Holistic Health Coach

Sarah K.

“Heidi held my hand every step along the way. She is both a teacher and highly intuitive. I would be light years behind in everything I do online had I not signed up to your community – Thank you Heidi.”

Psychic, Medium & Crystal Practitioner

Judy Tweal

“Before working with Heidi I was unsure what to focus on to continue growing my business. Within one hour, Heidi helped me to come up with a plan for moving forward that focused on my strengths. She simplified things that had previously seemed complicated and showed me a new perspective that I had been overlooking. By the end of our time together, I felt inspired and refreshed. Heidi is very skilled, easy to get along with, and she understands the unique struggles that holistic and spiritual business owners face. I would happily recommend her to anyone who wants some supportive guidance for making their business more efficient, fulfilling, and profitable.”

Reiki Master Teach and Healing Guide.


Heidi over delivered in so many ways. Heidi’s radiant energy attracted me to purchase Wealth from Within. I experienced lots of value. I liked how Heidi provided personalized attention and shared her vulnerabilities. She tapped into the essence of my inner core. In addition Heidi served as an accountability partner which seemed over and beyond the price point of the program. She over delivered in so many ways. Absolutely, I feel that you have the tools to create limitless wealth from within.

Reading, UK.


“Life feels less of a struggle. I felt a bit stuck in a rut and when I discovered this course, it was the perfect answer to help me move forwards and get things moving. I really liked the variety of different things that Heidi offered. The card reading which was amazingly inspiring. Useful hints and tips, meditations, actions to take and interesting podcasts to listen to. Huge value as there was so much crammed into a short time and the 1-on-1 calls were a real bonus. Within the first few days of starting the course, things started to flow again and life feels less of a struggle!”

Arlington, USA.

Kristi Kremers

“Heidi provided clarity and connected the dots for me in a way that was riveting, powerful and helped me claim the confidence I needed to take the next step. If you want soulful direction, Heidi is your go-to guide.”

Terra Milo

“I can’t thank you enough for your support and your brilliant, strategic ideas to help my business grow. Within a week, I signed a new client and I’ve already made double last month’s income! You build me up when I need it and you give me direction so I can take action right away. I’m so grateful!”

Laura Ann Allahverdi

“Heidi has a beautiful energy and is so lovely to work with. She has a way of pulling your messages out of you! Absolutely would recommend Heidi to anyone who would like to get clear on their marketing strategy, messaging and communication with their audience.My messaging and marketing is tighter and clearer since working with Heidi. The personalized marketing dashboard is so fun to work in. It’s beautiful and inspiring and keeps me on track. All I need is in one place. And planned! I feel more deeply rooted in what I am about so I never sway!”

Rick Gabrielly

“You’ve inspired me to go higher, to be fucking amazing. Thank you for giving me your gifts. You’ve inspired me to go higher, to be fucking amazing. With you on my team, pushing me and creating for me, I feel like I can touch people harder. I can put my hands on their heart and their mind. You have given me a wonderful gift, and I love you for this. Thank you Heidi.”

Henna Datta

“The best thing about working with Heidi is that she really gets my vision. She pulls stuff out of my head that I didn’t even know was there. This is her gift and where she truly shines for me. Heidi helps cut through the clutter in my mind, link everything up and really get clear on what needs to be done. When I connect with her, I can make decisions that I have been wishy washy over, in a snap and I know that they the right ones. As a deeply spiritual person, marketing without feeling like I am selling my soul is still a challenge for me. But working with Heidi makes it a breeze because she helps me see how my work is valuable and important for creating a better world. She is a true gem and I am so glad that we found each other.”

Anne Copplestone

“We took the leap to turn our passion into a business. Heidi helped us with every step from branding, to Facebook Marketing, to learning how to grow our email list. Heidi has been both creative and patient and her enthusiasm is contagious! I look forward to our session with her every week.”