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Natural Alchemy: a holistic & psychological approach to personal transformation. REIKI SOUND THERAPY + CONSCIOUS LIFE COACHING for COGNITIVE + SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION

``Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.``

Hippocrates of Kos, c. 460 – c. 370 BC

You have the innate capabilities within you to

heal your life +

create your desired life

let's awaken your natural alchemy

heal your life

In my experience, healing is an ongoing personal evolution and you are your own best healer.

Healing begins with acknowledging where you are and that change is required.


  • can be doing all the “right” things, such as meditation, sleep, hydration, exercise, nutrition, yoga, and STILL be stuck in  a place of suffering.
  • could be in a continuous cycle of physical pain or anxiety or active depression and OPENING to the possibility that you have a power, somewhere within you, to resolve it, and Natural Alchemy strikes your curiosity. You’ve tried everything else, what do you have to lose at this point?
  • could have invested years into healing or recovery or personal/professional development and SUDDENLY encounter a challenging life transition; such as a broken relationship, a death of a loved one, losing your job, an abortion, kids leaving home, bankruptcy, sexual trauma, career change that requires a safe space and new tools to resolve, relax and rebuild at a deeper level, from the inside out.

We are faced with times of pain and adversity as we progress through life.  I can help you navigate the darkness with greater ease, become more resilient and empowered, becoming your own best healer and creator of your life.

I believe in you. 

create your desired life

What I know for sure is that everything started to change when I started to listen to those tiny whispers within myself, call it intuition, impulse or instinct… these are all at the core of your own natural alchemy.

Before one can even fathom “creating a desired life”, the first piece, and often, the hardest piece is unearthing your desires.

  • It’s about becoming honest about what is important to you, what you value and THEN,
  • it’s about getting raw and dirty with the shadows, the negative thoughts, the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from going after your desired life, AND THEN,
  • it’s about changing your cognitive and emotional behavioural patterns to align with the life you desire. 

We are all creators. We are constantly creating, the skill is in becoming aware of what your thoughts are creating, and mindfully creating more fulfilling experiences.

It’s important you understand that I can’t accept anything other than my own experiences as truth, all the rest is just hearsay until I say it is, or isn’t, proven by MY OWN experience. I’ve been practising my adaptations of manifesting techniques for over 6 years now (that’s 52, 560 hours of accumulated mastery).

Ideals, abstract concepts, even expert opinions, science and philosophies are important only if I have applied them in a practical fashion and found the theorem to be true. In my application of the components of healing and spirituality that I share here, which I prefer to refer to as “mystical living”, my index for truth rely on both the benefit and practicality of its application in my daily life.

I invite you, and urge you, to be in question, in exploration and in creation of proving the benefit and practicality of what I share (tools for healing, transformation and creation) in your daily life.

let's awaken your natural alchemy



Every time I speak to Heidi I get motivated to take action. Her passion for sharing her knowledge is infectious. She presses me to look at my pain, and remarkably, helps me to peace after. It's hard to believe all the positive change that's occuring... change i didn't see possible. I used to be allergic to change... I am mechanical, logical, stubborn but now I have a new superpower... emotions. I finally understand myself. I am really enjoying engineering new thoughts and behaviours and have confidence to make changes I didn't see possible (and i make things every day), for that, Heidi, I say thank you.



Heidi held my hand through the discomfort every step along the way. She is both a teacher and highly intuitive. I would be light years behind and still miserable if I not signed up to work with Heidi – Thank you Heidi.


Holistic Practitioner


Expect rapid change and a deeper understanding of your own unique mind & body constitution.


Receive individually tailored holistic and psychological healing solutions for your unique requirements.


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