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When was the last time you heart to lead the way?

First, you’ll probably denounce your heart.

So your ego swoops in loudly with the visions of power, of control, of fear dressed up as stubborn strength.. 
“Your heart has it all wrong.”
“You can’t have it so easy, it’ll never be easy.”
“Life is hard. There’s so much to worry about, so much to fear.”

Then, your heart whispers… 
“…and yet you still feel empty and unfulfilled.’

“I can’t let go of everything i have built thus far.”
“I can’t stop now. I won’t change my mind. I decided this way, I’m doing it this way.”
“This is the way I know. This is the way i said i would go.”

The ego burns a fire so intense to mimic the heat and passion
of the heart.


Your heart, your most loyal servant, has slowly, steadily and tirelessly been gathering more and more water.

The ego fights dramatically with its flames, but your heart’s water is too vast, too energetic, too encompassing, too wild. 

Your heart penetrates the ego by stirring waves
that carry the whispers which cannot but be heard. 

In hearing your heart’s whispers so clearly,
your desires strengthen into storms,

the storms turn everything into chaos,
the chaos is uncomfortable, the pain is deep…
the turmoil is exhausting…

Your heart whispers reassuringly
“this how we grow”

“this is how heal, so we can begin again.”

As you relax into the womb of the unknown,
the darkness before new life,
embraced by love,
trusting your heart…


in the darkest nights
the stars brilliance is brightest;
in the deepest, darkest waters
the micro phosphorescence is most luminescent.
A new dawn emerges.
Your heart invites you to take the helm,
of a new dream boat,

how could she know,

the odyssey of your wildest dreams 
she has placed in your hands,
All you had to do is listen,
welcome home,
welcome heart.
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Heidi Lidholm

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