Be the person you KNOW you are

Hi beautiful,

You have a knowing deep within you.

This knowing is deeper than intuition,it’s an intelligence that is innately divine and infinite.

It’s an intelligence that integrates your mind, body, soul, heart and spirit.

It’s an intelligence that you are never, not for one moment, without, because this innate, divine intelligence is within you.

Sometimes this infinite intelligence is difficult to tune into, to hear, to follow, to trust.
Perhaps this difficulty in trusting our innate divinity stems from the norms and conditioning we experience through society, school, jobs, relationships, religion.
Perhaps this difficulty is simply part of the process of being human, living through challenging life experiences that have hurt us and hardened us. 
I believe the purpose of humanity is evolution.
Therefore, we are here to evolve. Which means, we are here to move through and beyond the challenges and the transitions.

Challenges create the greatest result.

When you look back at a challenge? Can you appreciate how it helped you grow, helped you evolve to where you are now.
Of course, it’s difficult to see this in the pain of the moment. But rather than reaching for more pain, you CAN reach for the evidence, your own evidence that in fact, the last time something challenging happened to you, something far greater evolved from the result.
Most likely, this deep knowing within you, got disconnected when you were a kid.

Who is it that’s telling you that you’re wrong?

That you’re not doing enough,

not doing it right,

asking too much,

that you’re too emotional

or too erratic

or too messy

or too quiet

or too demanding

or too lazy?

When you find yourself questioning yourself, feeling lost, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, feeling like your chasing your tail, easily distracted, feeling sad, feeling not yourself, feeling tired, lethargic, getting sick often and generally unhappy and unenergized…
these are all symptoms of losing the connection with yourself, living in dissonance with your innate, divine intelligence.

What if you’re not a problem and you don’t need to be fixed?


Here’s a nice and easey-to-integrate action step. I suggest completing this action every day for one week.

=> Lie on the floor and listen to 3 songs.

It sounds soo simple right? Even too simple.

So simple that it’s pointless. Believe me! There are great gifts awaiting you from this daily action!

You could do this in your bed, BUT one of the main outcomes of this action is to be present and NOT ASLEEP.

Yoga mat on the floor would be ideal, but on the bed or in bed, is better than not at all.

Quick side note, when I began practising yoga in 2013, I ran my body and life on my sympathetic nervous system; the control system that perceives the body’s responses as threats and is responsible for the “fight or flight” response.

I was all go-go-go, rush, do more than I can manage, take on more than there is time to do, up/down, go/crash.
This was my normal. It was only when I started yoga that I became aware this was my modus operandi because I would always fall asleep during savasana at the end of class. Out for the count.

I realised I was exhausted. Once I began deep breathing into body throughout yoga class, my body began to relax. My body began to say “WAIT A SECOND, THERE’S ANOTHER WAY TO OPERATE??” “I can rest.” “I can do things differently.”

As I continued going to class, learning to breath, learning to connect with my body, I made a rule with myself; if I fall asleep in savasana, instead of going to the next yoga class, I had to nap. I had to catch up myself. No class, sleep instead.

I clearly needed more rest and sleep that I was not giving to myself.

I wanted to be able to be present for savasana and to be stay connected with inner self for longer.

When you’re lying on the mat/floor/bed, take 8 deep breaths, then just allow the deep breathing to happen naturally, inhaling and exhaling, relaxing.

Where do your thoughts go?

First, your mind might take control and start telling you that you’re wasting your time, listing out all the things you have to do, then relaying all the things you’re worried about, then, listing the things you haven’t done.

Stay breathing and listening to the music anyway.

Maybe tears will want to come out, let them flow.

Keep inhaling and exhaling slowly and gently.

Tell yourself, it’s just 3 songs.



Now, put your hand over your belly and take your awareness there.

Breathing S P A C E into this area of your body.


Connection with your center.


Put your hand over your pelvis and take your awareness there.

Breathing S P A C E into this area of your body. Connection with your innate divinity.

An idea might pop up, you might see something through a different perspective, you might see the problem, you might see the solution.

Let the thoughts flow and go.

Breath in,
breath out.

All that is required of you for the next few minutes is to breathe.

The biological model of change requires unlearning and relearning, meaning;
change requires

breaking the old, and often CURRENT habits so that you can
repurpose and reinvent an enhanced way of being. 

Start here. 
Make this connecting with yourself A PRIORITY this week. 
You can do it your bed in the morning and at night. 

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