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🚀 Shift Your Mood from Stuck to Solutions

Spritz a sweet-tasting, 100% Natural Emotion Potion to Spark Your Magical Vibes (Emotions) Towards Something New.

💫 Your Vibe is Your Superpower for Manifesting ______.

Spritz a sweet-tasting, 100% Natural Emotion Potion to Spark Your Magical Vibes (Emotions) Towards Something New.

🌲 100% natural, Handmade In the French Alps

Shift your invisible magical vibes (emotions) to move beyond stress, anxiety and overwhelm

Natural + Effective

Nothing harsh, nasty or toxic. No gluten. Vegan. We're here life-enhancing results, over harmful side effects.

bespoke Small-Batch 

Heidi formulates & handcrafts flower essence elixirs with fresh alpine water & imbued with Reiki t

Tradition + Science

Indigenous tradition standardised & developed into therapeutic system by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s.

🚀 Thrive beyond Stress, Anxiety & overwhelm, 

When life is too busy and you can't escape to the outdoors, Emotion Potions bring the soothing spirit of "a walk in the forest" right to your desk!
🙋‍♀️If you're tired of:

🤯anxiety loops & emotional chaos

😣constantly over-analyzing your way out of sh*t (but really diving deeper into it)

🤐suppressing your emotions

🤕ignoring physical symptoms of stress & tension

😬the "there's a pill for that" approach

You're in the right place!🙌

 ⚠️ Side effects: May Cause Happiness

Emotion Potions focus on mental wellbeing, personal development & Nature as therapy. 

Hi! I'm Heidi.

I realised on my first visit to a therapist's couch; aged 25, with a BA in Journalism; that I had no words for emotions. I did not know how to identify emotions within me and I felt deeply disconnected from myself.

My body was in pain and my mind was buried in anxiety and sadness.

But I had began a path of self-discovery and self-healing, so I didn't want to suppress what I was going through any longer and I was unimpressed with "there's a pill for that" or "you might have ___" medical approach.

I didn't want another diagnosis. I wanted to understand myself. I wanted to know why this was happening, instead of masking it. I wanted to heal.

I was living in Berlin at the time and a wonderful holistic practitioner based in India, told me to go to the pharmacy and ask for "crab apple" and "pine" Bach flower remedies.

I replied: "You must be joking! I'm in Berlin!! You think I just go in and ask for "crab apple" and "pine"??"

Because the request was so bizarre; in the morning, I went to the pharmacy.

To my utter jaw-on-the-floor ASTONISHMENT it was the easiest thing I had ever asked for in Berlin. The pharmacist knew exactly what I was talking about and within seconds both remedies were in my hands.

Next, jaw-on-the-floor ASTONISHMENT happened the following morning after waking up and recalling my dreams - my dreams were resolving the (emotional) issues I was experiencing.

I started to feel lighter, I started to prioritise self care, I started to love my body. Magical shifts in my life started to happen. I started to express myself and I started to release the feelings and stories of guilt and shame (these are the themes of "crab apple" and "pine").

I was hooked! Down the rabbit hole I went. I started studying and self=medicating with Bach Flower Essences, which lead to advising and creating specific mixes of the Bach Flower Essence System for friends and family.

Now I create custom formulations of my own wildcrafted flower essences and Bach Flower Essences  to empower your unique journey of self-discovery, healing & manifestation.

Drawing from my extensive studies in Herbalism, Natural Health & Yoga, I offer a natural, integrative approach to Physical & Emotional Health.

Emotion Potions are here to soothe emotions, shift energy & spark new solutions so you can enjoy good health, love & magic!

Because isn't that what life is really all about?

🙌 Self Discovery, Healing & Manifestation

Rather than physical quick fixes Emotion Potions focus on mental wellbeing, personal development & Nature as therapy.

Today it's commonplace to be sold meds for modern (emotional) problems without considering underlying emotional concerns.

Did you know there are 18 diagnostic criteria for attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), and not a single one mentions emotions?

Instead, the criteria lists outwardly visible, physical symptoms that can be counted and easily cited in statistics.

Emotions are invisible & qualitative, like superpowers. Emotions may not be visible,

but emotions are powerful.

⚡Your Vibe is your superpower.

Rather Than Suppressing Emotions, Emotion Potions Soothe The Invisible Magical Vibes (The Emotions) Towards Something New.

Practical + Effective

A handy 30ml glass spray bottle - all you need to do is spritz in your mouth & continue with your day. 

Self-heal + Self-growth

When you resource your emotions, you can become stronger with every storm - just like Nature. 


Support your emotional well-being without retriggering or retraumatizing. Solution-focused.

😍 You don't Need to Fix Yourself

Activate your innate superpower and become stronger with every storm, just like nature.
CHILL = inner calm, relaxation & balance 
ABUNDANCE = peace, inner power, self-worth
COURAGE = self-confidence & self-assurance
GET SH*T DONE = productivity & decision-making, task/responsibility overwhelm relief
RENEWAL = trust yourself & anxiety relief
REFUGE = stress & trauma relief 
HIGHER LOVE = self love & attract new love


There's a better way to be emotional.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I choose?

First ask yourself - how are you feeling?
What's your biggest challenge right now? What do you need support with right now?

Pick the emotion potion that resonates with your emotional state and emotional life situation.

Trust your inner knowing/strongest feeling.

The most effective treatment will be the match to what you need the most.

Book a Private Consultation for Heidi to formulate a unique Emotion Potion customised to your needs/situation.

Is there a 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee?

YES! Heidi wants to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products. That’s why we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all Emotion Potion purchases. If you’re not happy for any reason, simply return the product within 30 days for a full refund. Please click here for more information.

Can I buy an Emotion Potion as a gift?

YES! Let's make sure those we love get what they need for success! Gifting an emotion potion is like a warm, empowering embrace that helps them go above and beyond. 

Emotion potions are designed to be the breakthrough in a bottle to carry with you from home to work to life. 

Please let us know in your purchase note that it's a gift.

100% natural

Organic, Green, Clean Elixir.

Vegan. Grain/Gluten Free.


Ancient tradition, Modern Formulations.

Handcrafted in the French Alps.

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