Walk Your
Soul's True Path

Welcome to your Future (You Meditation).

Relax & Raise Your Vibration

This reiki sound bath carries deep, relaxing, energy balancing tones healing throughout the body from root to crown, with the intention of a “I am hOMe” resonance for deep and zealous reconnection with your own physical body. 

Listen to the Guided Visualisation Meditation
  • Resolve feeling stuck and lost  
  • Receive fresh inspiration / clarity on a matter
  • Let go of anxiety about money and low self worth
  • Relieve stress (peaceful influence on body and emotions)
  •  Promote creative thinking 
  • Dissolve resistance
  • Raise vibration: feel feelings of bliss, lightness and floaty ease 
  • Ability to shift old patterns (listen once or twice a day until resolved)
Be present with yourself after listening

This is a therapeutic offering intended to deeply relax and release tension. This is recommended to be used before/with intellectual/stressful/creative/strategic thinking tasks. Many people experience strong emotions while listening, be present with yourself. If you feel you would like to work through your emotions in a Superbloom session, please schedule a session with Heidi. It is not advised that you listen to this while driving or operating machinery. It has been reported that the "buzzing-high-vibey" effect can last 1-2 hours after listening. Please be sure to ground yourself into your body, to hydrate and be mindful of your environment and interactions throughout the day. You can return to listen to the RSB anytime. 

Press play to walk your soul's true path.

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Hi, Hej, Salut, Hallo,

I'm so happy you're here!

Combining reiki (I'm a trained Reiki Master) with the crystal bowl 432hz resonance is my unique way of assisting you in experiencing deep rest, reconnection with your physical body and feeling elevating-high-vibey goodness.

The harmonic vibrations are intended to stimulate alpha and theta brain waves which resonate and trigger the deep meditative state of the brain in a way that stimulates healing. In addition transmitting reiki through the sound, I believe, allows for a deeper integration of the healing energy. When listened to regularly, reiki sound bathing can stimulate profound benefits.  

May I suggest listening to this as part of your daily routine - at a time that suits you best - for a set period of time: 14 days, 30 days, 90 days or even 6 months.

I'll be checking in with you in the coming days - see you in your inbox!

With love,


Holistic Health Alchemist 


Remember to take your Emotion Potion with you :)

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