Walk Your Soul's True Path

Guided Meditation to Align with your Future


Heidi's Future You Meditation is a way of shifting your emotional state and even your behaviour, while doing nothing more than listening and breathing.
This meditation has been said to:

  • Resolve feeling stuck and lost  
  • Receive fresh inspiration / clarity on a matter
  • Let go of anxiety about money and low self worth
  • Relieve stress (peaceful influence on body and emotions)
  •  Promote creative thinking 
  • Dissolve resistance
  • Raise vibration: feel feelings of bliss, lightness and floaty ease 
  • Ability to shift old patterns (listen once or twice a day until resolved)

Guided meditation can instantly transform your emotional state and thought process. This 10 minute meditation suggests a visual journey to bring your awareness into an entirely new place. Get ready to relax and feel uplifted!

Heidi Ki

holistic Alchemist


Remember to take your Emotion Potion with you :)

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