How to release a recurring fear or painful thought

Did you catch some glimpses of the moon growing fuller and fuller over these past few nights. Spectacular, right?

I had the honour of being invited to a little fishing village in Sweden, where I had the absolute joy (& trepidation) of taking a midnight moonlit full moon swim! I used to be afraid of the dark but over the past 3 years I’ve working steadily to overcome this fear. Even though, I didn’t tell anyone who was present, how big a deal this lone, midnight swim was for me, I took a deep breath and dived into the freezing darkness.

Full moons bring the darkness to light.

Sometimes this process can be uncomfortable, painful and downright frightening. The quickest way out of the feelings… is move through them, to fully embrace them.

Once you embrace the feeling, you can let it go. It seems like a contradiction, but it’s the only way to release you from the repetitive clutches of fear & darkness.

Because revisiting a painful situation/pattern/relationship, can be difficult to do on your own, that’s where working within the Natural Alchemy method can be beneficial, as I can hold  space for you to explore and heal and release the darker, more hidden crevasses of your psyche. 

When left to our own devises and habitual nature with this concept of “let go,” bewildering questions can circle in our brain…

How can I just let this go? I’m still hurting.

Do I just forget about everything that ever happened? That’s not possible.

Am I doormat if I let go?

So… let’s look at letting go through a new optic…

let’s get a sense of willingness.

A willingness to release the need for this negative situation/emotion in our lives.

For every negative habit that you experience (and are most likely repeating), you have a need for it.

I know this may seem challenging and contradictory to accept, but your brain has logged this fear / pain as a habit. Because your brain has classified it as a habit, it has classified it as important information that “you need”.

Therefore, this negative recurring habit is a symptom of a belief that’s buried deep in your subconscious.

These symptoms of subconscious beliefs need to be treated with kindness and unwoven from our mind.

Your brain isn’t “wrong”. at one point in time, the situation was threatening or emotionally disturbing, so your brain has logged this pain in a bid to save you, to warn you.  Over time, these negative emotional circuits became overpowering as your “way of being”.

That’s my job, to identify these negative recurring emotional habits within you, & then assist you in establishing new neuro-signals & neuro-pathways, so that the past no longer has a grip on your present and the creation of your future. 

However, through establishing a sense of willingness, you can begin to set up a new foundation for creation in your life.

Choose one of the following statements, and begin to repeat it daily:

I am willing to release the need to feel (this way about my partner)

I am willing to release the need to feel (to control this situation)

I am willing to release the need to feel (to feel broke)

I am willing to release the need to feel (to feel ugly)

I am willing to release the need to feel (rejected)

I am willing to release the need to feel (to worry about my finances)

I am willing to release the need to feel (to be in debt)

I am willing to release the need to feel (to be envious)

Grab a pen and your journal, take action on the following right now:

#1 What has been annoying. frustrating, hurting you this weekend?

#2 Are you willing to release the need for this pain in your life?

#3 Spend one week reciting and repeating your “I am willing to release…”

Report back and let me know what has shifted!
Remember if you ever feel you need extra support through a transition or challenge…You can book your session here.

To supporting you,

P.S For all the professionals with busy work weeks… I work Saturdays. 🙂 Book your session here. 🙂

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