Feel good

being you

holistic emotion support
for body + mind


even when life is challenging

Sometimes life really sucks. But it can get better and you can feel good. Maybe not today, but one day ~ you can because there's tools that work. Here's a quick checklist to figure out feeling your feels. 

Let's work with emotions 

not against them

life is too short + too good
to let negative emotions hold you back

Welcome to emotional well~being tools for your mind + body
to support an active, stressful lifestyle 


natural emotion support

The "breakthrough in a bottle" to feel good being you. 

Small batch. Wild-crafted.

Brave storms. Vibe serene. 


holistic manifestation

My job is to reconnect you with the good feelings within you via meditation, mindset, movement + manifestation.



A formula to reset the habitual thoughts and feelings holding you back from pursuing more pleasure, leisure & prosperity.

breath + movement

motion stillness

Weekly yoga + monthly "relax to manifest" full moon circle to support your active lifestyle & prioritise being in your body.

Meet yourself
where you are

~with kindness.

let's take it, step by step:

"How do you really feel" checklist

This is an quick, simple 2 minute self assessment to get clear on where you are
& where you would rather be


Select holistic well-being tool

Sometimes the hardest part is making the decision to take care of yourself when you need to take care of yourself.


Feel good being you more often

Use these tools: monthly emotion potion, weekly yoga class or private session to keep your good feeling rhythm.

Let's work with our emotions not against them

💁‍♀️can i interest you in an emotion potion?

Natural emotion support

Easy to use

Think of it like your invisible superhero cloak ~ spray & continue with your day.


Highest quality organic, wild & biodynamic. Handmade by Heidi in the French Alps. 

Brave storms

Chaotic emotions feel heavy and overwhelming. You're not broken. You can do this!

Vibe Serene

Shed the inner layers blocking you from being calm, confident & centered.


is emotion connected to body pain? 

frequently asked questions 

"Whatever colours you have in your mind, I'll show them to you

& you'll see them shine."

- Bob Dylan


Remember to take your Emotion Potion with you :)

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