Bust the 6 BLOCKS to your SUCCESS

When you’re doubting your ability to achieve greater success, the first step:

remove self-doubt.

But.. how?

First of all, when your wheels are spinning, spinning them faster may seem like it will get you to your success quicker, but the truth is.. spinning faster, and presuming you can just keep spinning faster and faster and faster… will lead to burnout.

Burnout is the opposite of success and sooo much more challenging to rebuild your wealth and health from exhaustion and overexertion.

First, stop, drop and TIME-OUT.

Sit in a quiet place, out in nature, or even, exactly where you are.

  • Take 3 long (longer!!) deep breaths.
  • Put your hand over your belly button.
    Take 3 long (longer!!) deep breaths again, this time, breathing into your belly where your hand is. This is your power center, otherwise known as your solar plexus.
    Your solar plexus is the home of your intuition… that gut feeling!!
    Connect with yourself in this place.
  • If you have time, put on some music and continue breathing for as long or as little you like.

Here’s how to BUST 6 Success Blocks with SUCCESS REMEDIES that have been PROVEN to reroute your path!

SUCCESS BLOCK 1: Overwhelm
You have so many ideas and plans, but you don’t know where to start. Which idea do I run with?

How do I do all that I need to do today?

Should I be focusing on a marketing strategy or creating something new or client communication?

Instagram or Snapchat or both?

Am I doing too much or too little?


>> You want clarity. Believe me, you can fast track ALL your internal BS right now. Clarity will only come through ACTION.

Park the voices, the what ifs, the doubts for 10 minutes and take 1 action, however, small. Now take 1 more small action. And be ok with that 1 small action. Walk away. Think about where more that or less of that will take you? That’s clarity. Did you enjoy the action? Is it worth keeping or time to disregard and go another route? You don’t need to do everything at once, or to do it all today.

One small action will give you clarity for the next step. 

SUCCESS BLOCK 2: Floundering
Are you spinning your focus into a tangle between what you’re good at (what you get paid to do) and what you really truly WANT to do?

One business/profession brings in the majority of your income and the other, the one… that thing you’re lusting over doing, but seems so uncertain.

And so you circle around feeling a resentment to what pays you, as you yearn for what creatively feeds you…

I hate this industry but I love the money, I love this part of my job, but if I wish this was different… can I do both???


It’s easier than you think to get where you want and to change your business/profession… BUT the only way to get to a new place is to do YOUR VERY BEST at what you’re doing for another 1-3 years.

Map it out and go BIG and GO WIDE. When you knuckle down and focus for 3 years on what’s paying and what you’re good at… and in the meantime, you begin to do more of the activity/skill of what you want to move towards in your spare time. You win!! Use the foundation you have laid now, to build the bridge and make a smooth, strong transition into where you want to be.

The real key here: get practical on how much money you need to do the passion work full time, and set a cut-off date when the supporting role job must end. BOOM! Nothing to fear as you dive into your vocation because you have been concurrently laying a comfy foundation.

Stressed out by over-analyzing, over-worrying, over-contemplating what worked and didn’t work? Do you need to be doing more? How can you make more money Make more time??

Maybe it’s your body that is showing you that you are stressed with a skin rash, break-out, muscle tension, joint pain?

SUCCESS REMEDY 3: Let go of the past. REST.

Rest. Restoration is what is required. More sleep and downtime than you even perceive possible is what’s required. It’s time to leave the past in the past. Perhaps this requires performing your own clearing ritual or you may want to book a session with me to identity the root, where you can dissolve it and resolve it by reformatting the pattern (similar to rebooting your laptop, or giving yourself a system upgrade) into one that is constructive and beneficial in your life. Give yourself permission to BE YOU exactly as you in this moment. Give yourself permission to love your life.

SUCCESS BLOCK 4: Frustration
Sometimes we simply just want to pull our hair out. Sometimes it’s not that we have taken on too much or that we aren’t doing enough, sometimes we feel so much pressure to be ourselves and life is just damn challenging.

Normally when we’re under pressure, the only way to alleviate ourselves is to release and remove the pressure. Easier said, then done. As Einstein told us, you can’t solve the problem with the same energy that created it. Therefore, what is required is CHANGE.

Give yourself permission to change your mind.

SUCCESS REMEDY 4: Change your mind

This is where it’s important to be an INVITATION to change. We all want “change” when shit has hit the fan or when we’ve collapsed or are in pain/rage or when we’ve made a decision, or followed through on an action… but that’s only the BREAKTHROUGH.

Change comes long after the breakthrough, change is the development, step by step, day by day, and moment to moment.

Change is taking a different continuous action to reset, and eventually completely dissolve the former habit.

As you allow the change, and action the change, when in times of anguish and doubt (they will show up, we all feel it) you can always welcome serenity into your arena. Serenity is surrendering, remembering that you don’t need to control the change, as much as you must allow the change. You’ve got this!

You have BIG DREAMS and goals. You work hard to play harder. You’re SO busy achieving, you’re wondering did you set your sights high enough??? Keep going. The best things come to those who wait, and specifically to those to think in terms of the LONG GAME.
Patience, my dear.


If patience seems like the worst possible thing you could do right now… it’s because it’s the medicine you need the MOST right now.

Look to nature, life happens in cycles, and seeds need time, nourishment, light, nurturing to grow, blossom, die and sprout again.

Look to pregnancy, it takes 9 months to birth a baby, 3 very different trimesters in order for your body to be ready to develop life and for you to figure out how you’re going to deal with that life when it emerges.

Perhaps think about it less like patience, and more MAINTENANCE.

Make a 12 month SIMPLE-AS-POSSIBLE activity-orientated, joy-centered, goal-intended action PLAN. Step by step. Long game.

SUCCESS BLOCK 6: Zero Accountability
If the tree fell in the forest but nobody saw the tree fall, did the tree still fall in the forest?

So… you think you have to do it all yourself, that no one will understand and that if you share your struggle you’ll be judged.

I know you have the best of intentions but how can you soar if you’re carrying the world on your shoulders?

There are people around you who are interested in what you’re interested in, and are interested in supporting your pursuit in doing what’s important to you.

You have to give yourself the gift of going out and exploring until you find them.


Choose an activity or a meet up or a new activity… the key is CONSISTENCY. Take it from me who has lived in the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Austria for 6 months or longer in the past 7 years… you have got to keep turning up at the same places REGULARLY and saying YES to events and dates that you don’t necessarily want to go on but saying YES will lead to the next opportunity. And soon enough, you’ve got a regular Sunday sangria date or you’ll join a Tuesday morning business mastermind, or Thursday evening poetry gathering.

>>> Decide on one new activity/meet-up and start going regularly. And saying YES. Smiling helps too.

Take a moment to review each of these 6 success blocks below, and decide which one is shouting out an alarm of “Dude. That’s me right now!!!!)

Now, decide… which of these SUCCESS BLOCK REMEDIES will you action on this week?

Share your answer, experiences and insight in the comments!

Over and out,

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