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You’re are already on the road to empowerment… otherwise you would not have made it to this page.

Empowerment is as illuminating as it is intimidating.

It’s about reconnecting with your inner authentic power (not what society teaches us to do).

It’s listening to the whispers, following inspiration and trusting in yourself (not what society teaches us to do).

It’s moving through some of the most traumatic, frightening, painful, exciting, intimidating experiences that you have ever encountered in a way that strengthens you.

Building inner strength comes from emotional heavy lifting, dedication, responsibility and commitment to your wellness. It’s not always the easy road, but it can be paved with ease when you have the tools, support and accountability. Most definitely, the pay off (the fulfilment, the freedom, the happiness) is worth the endurance.

Right now you may feel like…

=> you are responding to life, rather than creating with life
=> you’re drowning in everyone else’s expectations
=> you give everything to the people you love leaving little for yourself
=> you’re exhausted from giving, feeling deflated and don’t know where to move next
=> your pushing things to happen rather than allowing them to unfold
=> life is an uphill struggle
=> you’ve tried to read books, do yoga, even meditate but you can’t keep it up, it’s not working
=> you’re going in circles

This is where getting real about where you are & what you want, guidance, a soft place to land, feeling heard, learning new tools and being reminded how to upgrade or re-use the tools you already have earned is invaluable to creating the change to living empowered, to getting on track to living your best life.

The only certainty I can guarantee; you will change and grow in ways you did not see coming.

Similar to a card of paper, something traumatic happened emotionally and/or physically to split your strength, to bend you, compromise your truth, deny yourself in some capacity. Now, there’s a crease, a weakened spot that requires healing.

Chances are the same injury, accident or emotional pitfall has been repeating itself in your life.

Heidi believes that unless you reset the emotional patterns centered around this painful incident/injury, you’re going to keep getting bent out of shape, until one day you may not recognise yourself.

Heidi’s Life Resilience Method isn’t about being told what to do, it’s facilitating a deeper connection to your inner own authentic power. One client whom received transformative results from working the Life Resilience Method,I asked them “does this feel like Heidi’s “healing bootcamp”?” His response; “No it’s like working with a Marine.”

I don’t say that to intimidate you, but more to prepare you that while your sessions will be soft, safe, relaxing and uplifting experiences, if you’re coming to me, you’re seeking growth, so that means there will be discomfort, there might even be tears as you face up to your desires and also to your destructive patterns. Together, we have to take a look at your own bullshit, so that you can seeking out the patterns that have created your powerlessness, so you can reroute yourself to feeling greater freedom, fullment and happiness.

My intention is to help you recognize and embrace the hidden and repetitive ways you are sabotaging your empowerment. Secondly, I help you to expand your empowerment through

>>> self awareness practices
>>> identity, resolve and reset emotional patterns
>>> dissolve destructive programs/addictions
>>> guided meditations/visualizations
>>> 6 month life strategy from the macro to the micro (get ready for a Beyoncé inspired method for taking action on your desires)
>>> routine  rewiring
>>> action assignments for homework
>>> modalities in sessions also include astrology, herbal medicine, intuitive ass-kicking, crystal healing, crystal grid therapy, psychic reading and reiki.







How do you book a session?

  1. Add this service to cart, follow steps to make your payment
  2. Schedule a time/date for the initial 99 minute Life Resilience Coaching session
  3. Fill out a short Life Resilience Preparation form to prepare us both for where best to begin
  4. You will receive access to a personal private page on Heidi’s website with some helpful resources. This is also where your session recordings and action assignments can be accessed by you.
  5. You will be sent an email reminder 24 hours before the session, and another reminder 1 hour before the session.

What do you receive?

  1. Access to a private page on Heidi’s website with your evaluation form, call schedule, Grounding Meditation and other exculsive resources.
  2. The 99 minute session, takes place on Zoom.  You will be sent step-by-step instructions to get set up, zoom is a simple free tool, you can use it from your mobile.
  3. After the 99 minute session, a downloadable recording of your session is uploaded to your private page, along with action assignments and anything else Heidi recommended in the session.

One more thing…

If you are interested in truly changing your circumstance and seeking transformation

  1. Following a continuous, concentrated sequence of Life Resilience Coaching sessions for 12 weeks called the Life Resilience Method is recommended.

The 12 week Life Resilience Method allows you to become an unstoppable force in living a life that you love, mostly because you have a cheerleader, an ass-kicker, a skilled listener to move you through the pain, call you out on your shit and hold you accountable (as well as cheering you on) to establishing the daily and weekly habits and routines to fortify your transformation to living empowered.

In addition, to add to the power of your transformation, when a continuous, concentrated sequence of reiki sessions is set up, Heidi places your name, intention, image/business logo under a custom reiki grid for a prolonged period of time, as well as integrating Intuitive Readings and Reiki during the 12 weeks.

Some benefits of being of Life Resilience coaching are:
=> fall in love with your life
=> decreased pain and stress
=> feeling more open and loving
=> ease and joy in facing life’s challenges
=> things seem to work out better
=> better sleep
=> improved relationships
=> improved emotional state
=> clear minded
=> inspired creativity
=> new career opportunities
=> release addictions

and so much more…



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