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Benefits of Remote REIKI healing with Heidi are

  • pain relief, stress relief
  • enhanced creativity
  • trauma recovery
  • addiction recovery
  • enhance emotional well-being
  • stress-relief
  • chronic pain relief / symptom management
  • muscle pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia
  • post and pre-operation care
  • personal growth
  • reworking ego, ancestral and childhood patterns
  • increased creativity
  • enhance the outcome in an exam, business meeting, etc

Heidi offers 33 minutes of REMOTE reiki healing, you schedule the time that suits you to receive.

How does it work?

  1. Add this service to cart, follow steps to make your payment
  2. Schedule a time/date to receive the Reiki – there could be a speicfic ocassion, operation, business meeting or you may want to choose a time when you can relax (but this is not necessary, see below*)
  3. Fill out a short form to share specifics of the reiki session
  4. You will be sent an email reminder 24 hours before the reiki session, and 1 hour before the session.

Remote REIKI healing is absolutely painless. During a treatment, clients are asked to sit back and relax. Simply doing that can sometimes be the most difficult thing of all, and yet my personal belief is that the relaxed open state allows you to receive the Reiki  healing even more clearly. *Alternatively, if you cannot be in a relaxed state during this time and the Remote REIKI healing is going to your body not a specific life situation, the reiki can be programmed to be sent to you while you sleep that night.

What do you receive?

  1. During the 33 minutes, Heidi sends 3 x 11 minute intentional energy to you according to your specifications
  2. After the session, you receive a short energy report via email from Heidi.

Please contact Heidi if you have any questions about intention/treatment/benefits of a REIKI session.

Remember… REIKI can:
* Accelerate Healing of Acute & Chronic Illness
* Assist the Body in Cleansing Toxins
* Balance the Flow of Chi
* Help the Client Emotionally Transform
* Be Safely Used in Conjunction with Other Healing Techniques
* Help Heal And No Religious Belief is Required; Reiki is not a religion

One more thing…

If you are interested in more than relief, for example, becoming pain-free, stress-free, business expansion, creative expansion, etc then I recommend either

  1. Following a continuous, concentrated sequence of reiki sessions for example daily sessions for consecutive days (acute), weekly sessions for 4-12 weeks (transformation), and/or
  2. in combination with Life Resilience Mentoring with Heidi.

When you combine Life Resilience Mentoring with Reiki Healing it’s an unstoppable force as you are resolving the emotional patterns attached to the circumstance, relieving your emotional body, and establishing new patterns so that you don’t keep repeating history, you reset it.

In addition, to add to the power of your intention, when a continuous, concentrated sequence of reiki sessions is set up, Heidi places your name and intention under a custom reiki grid for a prolonged period of time (established according to your package for example, 1 moon cycle, 14 days, 90 days, etc.

Some benefits of being on the Distant Reiki grid are:
increased energy
decreased pain and stress
feeling more open and loving
ease and joy in facing life’s challenges
things seem to work out better
better sleep
improved relationships
speedy recovery from surgery or illness
improved emotional state
clear minded
inspired creativity
weight loss
relaxed and confident for interviews and auditions
ease and grace for death and dying
release addictions
EMF and radiation protection

and so much more…



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