What if emotions are superpowers?

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Sustain Hustle + Happiness, Naturally.

Opt out of Burnout: 

7 self care habits for ambitious multi-taskers.

keep your balance 

when overwhelm Strikes

my anxiety is keeping me up at night
i'm stuck, i need to move in a new direction
my heart hurts

align in 10

release stress in the Mind

+ Tension in the body 

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Hi I'm Heidi

Let's work with Emotions,

Not against them

Welcome to the next generation of emotional health, where modern life struggles meet old-school natural solutions.

An alternative to the “one-size-fix-all", "you're too emotional", "science can't quantify emotions" dogma. Welcome to a personalised, holistic approach to health so you can be your best, not fake it.

Jenny Martins / 


I have been working with a yoga personal trainer for several months now, and it has been an incredible experience. My trainer is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped me to deepen my yoga practice and improve my overall physical fitness. Not only have I become stronger and more flexible, but I have also noticed improvements in my mental health and well-being. Thank you!!! ♡

Paul jones/


Yoga has helped me manage my stress and anxiety in a healthy way. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I can turn to my yoga practice to help me center and ground myself. The deep breathing exercises and meditation techniques have given me a powerful tool to manage my emotions and stay centered in the midst of chaos. Awesome trainer!


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