Adrenal Reset Yoga class

Replenish Your Energy From the Inside Out

90 minute recorded yoga class that integrates breathwork, yoga postures, and acupressure
to restore energy and cultivate calmness and inner strength. (I'm in! Take me to the cart)

Are summer festivities and ambitious plans wearing you out?

"Nope, I can do it all with more caffeine, more adrenaline, more cortisol!"

But does it feel like your energy is draining day by day?

Maybe your daily routine looks kinda like this:

Fatigue for breakfast Despite a full night's sleep, feeling drained and overwhelmed before the day kicks off.

Cortisol for lunch After a hectic morning of tight deadlines and demanding clients. Mind racing, tension in shoulders, you're constantly checking emails and scrolling to cope with the stress. 

Adrenaline for an afternoon snackInstead of a taking a walk outside, opted for coffee, chocolate and a high-pressure project. Let's go go go!!

Dopamine before and after dinnerScrolling endlessly through all the feeds, drowning in comparison and starting to hate life, to settling into fav snacks and and latest netflix marathon to zone out.

And it’s starting to take its toll...

Your energy tank is running low when you actually need MORE ENERGY to do everything. 

But you have a belief that rest is what lazy people do and it reminds you of feeling low, so you avoid it, even though, it’s exactly what you need.

The typical ways of recharging are just not working

Talk therapy and another bottle of Rosé are necessary, but aren’t replenishing your energy.

Reformer and crossfit classes, netflix binges, and smoothies aren’t removing blockages and allowing energy to flow.

But you don’t want to do less — you want to DO more, 
with MORE energy.

Your body is sending you a clear message.

Ignoring it could lead to severe exhaustion and burnout.

More coffee, more adrenaline, and more dopamine may provide a quick fix, but they are not sustainable sources of energy.

Temporary high of constantly pushing yourself VS adrenal health? 

You want to feel energised, focused and motivated to achieve all your goals.

But that requires taking care of your body and mind, not just pushing them to their limits.

That’s where adrenal health comes in.

Your adrenal glands are responsible for producing hormones that regulate your energy levels, stress response, and overall well-being. When they become overworked and tired from constant demands, they can’t keep up with the production of these important hormones. This leads to fatigue, mood swings, decreased immunity, and even more serious health issues such as adrenal fatigue.

Borrowing energy: the truth about caffeine and sugar

Caffeine and sugar don’t offer energy by themselves, instead they squeeze the stored energy reserves in the Kidneys to fuel your body’s activities.

Those energy reserves could be used today or tomorrow, or they could be saved for the future, sort of like a savings account in the bank. When we use caffeine and sugar for energy, we’re effectively squeezing from our future reserves in the Kidneys, depleting the stores that we may need for a long and balanced life.

Is there a way to build up your life force so you CAN DO MORE and feel your best?


Introducing Adrenal Reset Yoga class:

Join Heidi from the comfort of your own home in a 90 minute yoga class to:

⚡️Replenish your energy, unblock stagnation and allow energy to flow.

🧘‍♀️ Feel a deeper connection with your body.

🫠 Melt into relaxation so you mind becomes clear.

✨ Achieve a renewed sense of vitality so fear dissipates and the next steps are not just manageable but magical.

Adrenal Reset is designed with:

Yoga postures and acupressure points focused on replenishing your kidneys (the vital organs responsible for storing vital energy) and
strengthening two of your energy centers; root chakra (for grounding and stability) and sacral chakra (for creativity and emotional balance)

In this class, Heidi will guide you to build up your life force, or “qi”, as it is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Practices will include yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and acupressure points to nourish your mindset, body and emotions.

This class is for anyone looking natural ways to improve their sleep and build their energy levels.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, or simply looking for a way to enhance your self-care routine, this class will provide you with a valuable reset and increased energy reserves.

What else does adrenal health help with?

Fear of failure, rejection, fear of the unknown and fear of commitment to your path or decisions;

These fears are deeply connected to the health of your kidneys. In traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys are not only vital for maintaining your energy reserves but also govern your body's response to fear. When your kidneys are depleted, fear and anxiety can become "normal" ways of operating. This can lead to chronic stress and a weakened immune system.

Fortunately, when we support the kidneys through breath, specific yoga postures and acupressure we can unblock the stagnation of energy (intensifying the fear and pressure on the adrenals) and improve the flow of energy so you can naturally cultivate a sense of calmness and inner strength.

Expect to leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and with a renewed sense of inner strength.

Why Replenish Your Energy?

😊 Fuel clarity and calmness in your mind

😎 Feel grounded and energized

🫠 Melt into relaxation

🤠 Boost your personal power and self-confidence so you can..

free the fear and thrive beyond it!
Hi! Hej! Coucou! Fàilte! I'm Heidi.

In 2024, my knowledge, adrenals, courage, and heart were pushed far beyond anything I thought possible. Fortunately, I doubled down on the healing practices that I have supported me to overcome insurmountable grief and lead my life with a renewed sense of  purpose and resilience.

I had been dealing with adrenal fatigue for years, but it was during this time that it reached its peak. The constant stress of everyday life, coupled with a major loss in my personal life, took a toll on my body and mind. I felt exhausted all the time, both physically and emotionally. It was as if someone had pulled the plug on my energy reserves and I was running on empty.

But instead of giving up or overstressing myself into burnout, I chose to face my struggles head-on with courage, determination— and breath. I delved deeper into my knowledge and practice of meditation, yoga, and acupressure. These techniques helped me to not only manage my physical symptoms but also address the root causes of my adrenal fatigue.

Now, I want to share the best and most accessible tools I've discovered for naturally increasing life force—by empowering your body to do what it does best: regenerate.

This class integrates breathwork, yoga postures, and acupressure to restore kidney balance and cultivate calmness and inner strength.

As a 275hr Shantiseva Yoga Teacher and current student of a 300hr Meridian Yoga Teacher Training, I'm excited to bring empowering yoga sessions online.

In my Apres Ski Yoga classes, I'm known for 'melting bodies,' so I invite you this online class to reconnect with your body and replenish your energy from the comfort of your own home.

Adrenal Reset Yoga Class

Replenish Your Energy From the Inside Out
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Replenish your energy now.
  • Watch it now and anytime you need.
  • Recommended to do this class once per week.
  • Beginner-friendly. All levels welcome.
  • Requires a mat, some pillows, comfortable clothing and a blanket for savasana

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