Emotion  Potions

Easy to use

Think of it like your invisible superhero cloak ~ spray & continue with your day.


Organic Phytotherapy Elixir.

Handmade by Heidi in the French Alps.

Brave storms

Emotions can feel chaotic, heavy and overwhelming. You're not broken. You can do this!

Vibe Serene

Shed the inner layers blocking you from being calm, confident & centered.

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happy Johanna 

Not sure what's going on but I've organised all the files on my laptop without any bother and then, organised my hard-drive. Full online detox or delegate is happening!! And the project I have been delaying, worrying over and procrastinating - is almost finished and i'm loving the completing process - feeling so energised and relaxed, taking it step by step. Now that I look around.. my kitchen and desk are clean too - I barely recognise myself. I don't know what's going down but YES I am getting shit done and I can't believe it! Wow. Thank you Heidi!!!!

(emotion potion: get shit done)