Embody Balance

with Yoga

 & Emotion Potions.

Can we have vibrant physical & emotional health with mental & environmental serenity?

For those seeking Strength, Serenity & Stability...

Hi, I'm Heidi. I believe that the power to health & happiness is within us. 

I combine trauma-informed strategies, transformative coaching and nature as therapy to replace stress, anxiety and fear with resilience, happiness and balance. 

With my unique blend of modern plant wisdom (Emotion Potions) alongside yoga and manifestation coaching, I provide an invaluable combination of tools to help you to reconnect with yourself and live happy, healthy and strong ~ naturally and powerfully.

replace stress, anxiety & fear with resilience, happiness and balance...

embody Balance with Yoga & Emotion Potions

Introducing a life of harmony, where the synergy of vibrant physical & emotional health sync with mental & environmental serenity.

Dynamic yoga classes
modern Flower Essence Elixirs
mind+body+emotion manifestation
holistic coaching programs

Remember to take your Emotion Potion with you :)

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