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Reduce stress,

restore peace.

Tired of feeling tired? When low energy, mental pressure or life challenges start to catch up with you - physically and emotionally... something has got to change.

Opt out of burnout.

Hi, Hej, Hola, Salut, Ciao, Hallo! I'm Heidi. I'm happy you're here.

Because solutions in the mental health space are primarily pharmaceutical and the emotional health space is taboo. I'm here to destigmatize inner health by creating natural products high achievers are proud of and rituals that strengthen the body and relax the mind

Is this you?

I'm at a crossroads and my emotional resources are drained. I'm irritable, opting for convenience food and I'm not moving my body a lot or relaxing a lot. I'm either holding it all together at full throttle or I'm flat on the floor. I don't feel like myself and I don't feel good about myself. 
My body is starting to ache. I need to reset mentally and physically. Something has got to change but I'm stuck, overwhelmed and losing touch with myself.

Be your best - without the burnout.

How about a 30 Day Be Your Best Reset?
With support, rituals and a handcrafted Emotion Potion tailored to you it's the fast-track to

enjoy the power and peace of being your best on your terms.

manifesting with the body

Heidi combines therapeutic yoga and emotion-centered enquiry as a way of re-educating our brain senses while moving muscles with a calm nervous system.


Thoughts are the language of the mind. Feelings are the language of the body. Let's get both powerhouses working towards your biggest dreams (the ones beyond the stress).

TURN discomfort INTO GOLD

A session is a soft landing into the  "I don't want to go there" emotions BUT we won't talk and re-talk it out for your days, there's a way to alchemise the painful sh*t into gold.

fast track to be your best

Soothe your nervous system, release anxiety and get back more time to enjoy being you. Experience the power and peace of being your best on your terms - without burnout!

A "body + mind + emotion" approach

For more than a decade I have studied with world-renowned Elders in Herbalism, Yoga and Wellness. A teacher that is always a student, I continue to integrate the knowledge and practices into my life. I aspire to make ancient health and lifestyle practices accessible, practical and modern.

100% natural elixirs handcrafted in the French Alps to work with your emotions not against them.

Strengthen your body. Relax your mind. Heidi offers live group & private classes. Come as you are.

Combing emotion-centered enquiry and therapeutic yoga to transform pain into inner power. 

Want to talk about it?

Book a 10 minute chat with Heidi to discuss where you're at and what you need (no strings attached).


Remember to take your Emotion Potion with you :)

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