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Relax & Raise Your Vibe

Prepare to let go, feeling a sense of clarity, like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. 

Take a

Heidi's Reiki Sound Bath is a way of achieving a deep, relaxing state of Source consciousness without having to master the practice of meditation.
This reiki sound bath has been said to:

  • Resolve confusion and frustration  
  • Think clearly, receive clarity on a matter
  • Process challenges faster
  • Relieve stress (peaceful influence on body and emotions)
  •  Promote creative thinking 
  • Dissolve resistance
  • Increase flow of life force, initiate/accelerate healing
  • Raise vibration: feel feelings of bliss, lightness and floaty ease 
  • Ability to shift old patterns (listen once or twice a day until resolved)
  •  Achieve deeper dream consciousness and more (aka a epic night’s sleep) when listening as you go to sleep

Receiving Reiki (a form of energy healing) via the Sound Bowl allows the body to deeply relax into Alpha brain state; integrating the healing frequencies at the subconscious, cellular, energetic and physical plains of your body.

Heidi Ki

holistic Alchemist