When you change… how to handle the people in your life.

Remember that as you change, the people around may struggle to adapt to who you are now.

It’s not their fault and it’s not yours either, but they have become accustomed to you in a certain way and they may still have an expectation or *need* for you to be that way. Take a deep breath, you’ve got this!

You have to show them who you are now by being who you are now. This is not a sign post to tell you that you’ve gone the wrong way… quite the opposite. It signifies that YOU HAVE CHANGED (well done!!!) and that you are making changes that better support you. This is huge!! All the hard work is starting pay off. Even though it might not totally feel like it just yet! πŸ˜‰ Keep it up. Keep showing up for you.

They are going to need some more time and space to adapt.

Another great opportunity for you to strengthen your boundaries and strengthen your self prioritisation.

No doubt, it might feel hurtful as they expect your former patterns and send you uncomfortable reactions that sting. Be patient and drop out of taking it personally. That’s their shite. You bring the focus back to you. Most likely, your strength to change is challenging them and making them uncomfortable. That’s ok. You keep doing you anyway.

They also might feel a little lost, they don’t know how to move with your changes yet, because really you are still figuring out new you too. And that’s ok too.

So go easy on them,
and go softly and lovingly on yourself.

Focus back on you.

they are not noticing the fierce new commitments you are embodying…
they are not seeing the evolution in you…
they are not accounting for all the little consistent actions of greatness that you’re doing…
they are not acknowledging your improvements..
it sucks.
No, it really sucks. I get it.

BUT there is a golden lining. When if feels your hard work is going unnoticed
but therein lies the sparkle…

Why do you need their approval anyway?

Where’s the freedom in drowning in everyone else’s expectations?

Where’s the happiness in not going after the life you really, really want?

You’re doing this for you.

Focus back on you.

It’s not your job to take on their shit.
It’s not your job to soften their landing.
It’s not your job to strengthen their passage.

Your job is be your greatest you,

Just do you.

When you rise, you give them the opportunity to rise too.

They will either rise to meet you in new magnificent ways…
or drop away,
or maybe drop away for a while…

so they too can have S P A C E
to change to come back in their own way.

Just like you have done.

You do you.

Love what you do
and do what you LOVE.

Do you?

What S P A C E can you create for yourself this week

Focus back on you.

To supporting you,

P.S. What S P A C E can you create for yourself this week to DO MORE OF YOU, to DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE?

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