At the core of living a meaningful life is enjoying meaningful relationships. Relationships can take shape in a myriad of forms and will continue to morph as you do throughout your life. Enjoying meaningful relationships takes cultivation, constance, responsibility, love, commitment, understanding, fun and evolution.

Most lessons are learned in relationships through balancing giving and receiving, holding and releasing, allowing and boundaries, letting in and letting go. 

Therefore, an integral, yet challenging, consistent theme throughout everyone’s life is relationships.

According to conscious and mystical philosophy, every person shows up in your life to help you progress your personal evolution. Meaning, people appear according to the current beliefs, behaviours and patterns you are conducting (living), which means your experiences with them move you along your journey.

Navigating relationships with loved ones and of course, with numero uno, yourself, is a skill we will forever hone throughout life. What I have found across the board with clients is that the most challenging life transitions involve one or more relationships.

When the most painful aspects of our relationships come up for review, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yes it is painful and difficult and disruptive, but if you can get some perspective and distance on what’s going on (working with a intuitive coach/healer can help you with this), you can begin to see that the disruption is happening for your own progression. It’s not happening to punish you or make you think like you made the wrong decisions, it’s happening to help you reset a pattern, and most likely a pattern with yourself and then, subsequently, with your loved one(s).

Moving though the relationship challenge will graduate you to the next chapter of your journey. Whether the person and relationship remains in your life will depend on the circumstances. Either way, change is change. Change requires something different to emerge, be it within the relationship or making space for a new relationship to come your way.

Take a moment to reflect on your most recent (painful) interactions with your loved one(s). Fill in the blanks below to help you to gain insight on the bigger picture at play and also how you can best handle the situation should it arise again. This refelection will take a few minutes but could save you weeks, maybe months in the future!

When [massive painful cat-out-of-the-bag-razor-sharp-claws-bust-up-happened], at first, …

I felt

I reacted

Then I got relief, when I….

I feel resolution when….

I can see the old pattern was…

I understand I can reset the new pattern by…

I now know I always can

Well done for taking a few minutes to do the work. You and your closest relationships are worth it!!

I hope this brings you fresh insight and a grounded sense of how YOU can navigate a similar disruption in the future. If something came up for you, which you feel like sharing or you feel would serve a member of the community, please leave your thoughts in the comment below.

To supporting you!

Sat Chit Ananda,

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

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