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Chief of Relief

Hi, I'm Heidi.

I'm so happy you're here. People find me when they need relief ~ welcome! 


Step out of emotional chaos,

into emotional freedom. 

Emotion Potions are dedicated to the adventurer in you.
Your mission if you choose to accept it is to live your authentic health and happiness.
Human biology is hardwired for bliss and regeneration,
yet we've been conditioned to fight our mind, body, souls,
and to fight each other. 
Let's consider - because emotions happen - maybe you're not broken, maybe you're not crazy, maybe your emotions are portals to your authentic health and happiness.
If you're here, you are on a pathway to inner enlightenment;
emotion potions can support you on your path with compassion and confidence to overcome obstacle after obstacle, both personally and professionally. 

As you free yourself, you free the planet.
As you heal yourself, you heal the planet.

All my life, I’ve felt like a square peg in a round hole —  no amount of diagnosis or allopathic medication is going to make me round. 
I experience emotions, I am not defined by my emotions.
I am guided by my emotions to heal, manifest and
love living my life.

Why Emotion Potions?

The pharmaceutical-focused healthcare system of today prescribes us to eradicate and suppress by matching a set of symptom criteria rather than considering the emotional source of our suffering.  

For example, there are 18 diagnostic criteria for attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), none of which mention emotions. Instead, they list exterior, visible symptoms that can be observed, quantified, and cited in research statistics –
Emotions are impossible to measure, so in allopathic medical research emotions are ignored.

How it started...

In the 1920s the renowned Harley Street, London Physician Dr Edward Bach left his practice in London for the Countryside to research the question "Why do people not heal?" and pursue studying homeopathic medicine. While his early career focused on Immunology and he made groundbreaking discoveries in bacteria/gut health, Dr Bach became uninterested in the "symptom focused" allopathic medicine, which according to Dr Bach, was not healing his patients.

The question lead him to research the emotional state of his patients. He found that the emotional state of each patient (regardless of the physical symptom) could be matched to 1 of 7 emotional categories. He discovered that if he resolved the emotional state, the psychical symptoms would heal. By the time of his death in 1936, Dr Bach had created a system of 38 different flower remedies along with their corresponding theories of ailments.

Rather than suppressing a pain or a painful situation, flower remedies resolve the issue in your subconscious at first and in your psyche in the long term (my experience). The emotional shift occurs in an "unexplainable" manner, where naturally, you suddenly feel or act in a different way, whereby you understand a new perspective, you flow forward, you let something go, you do something different with greater ease without additional effort. The changes that flower essences facilitate are subtle at first, but profound over time. Expect to feel emotionally comfortable in your skin.

How it's going...

I would not be who I am today without the support of Bach flower essence remedies. As a highly empathic, energetic, active, sensitive, diverse person, they have helped me to develop my authentic self and healthy boundaries, to heal my ancestral trauma and sexual trauma and to grieve the past. They've helped me genuinely love and accept my body and all of my emotional states. They help get out of my head and out of my mine way, resetting me into flow with life. As I evolve, I use the remedies intuitively and they continue to give me the change, compassion and confidence to overcome obstacle after obstacle, both personally and professionally. 

Emotion Potions are custom, natural emotional support formulations that I have designed for specific and typical life scenarios using flower remedies. I handcraft each and every potion in my home in Chamonix. I use a combination of the flower essences that I created in Northern Sweden, along with the Bach Flower Remedies created by Deva, also located in the French Alps. I have chosen Deva because of their handcraft process, traditional values and organic standards.

2015: I took my two first Bach remedies (absolutely amazed by the transformative result).
2018: I committed to developing my knowledge, practice and personal diagnosis flower remedies. I studied Intuitive Plant Medicine with Asia Suler (Washington, USA).
2018 - 2019: I studied Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Master Level with Teresa Collins (Cork, Ireland).
2019: I studied (and continue to revise) the Foundational Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship with Don Ollsin (Victoria, Canada).
2020: I completed my 200 hr Shantiseva Yoga Teacher Training with Tina Pashumati (Whistler, Canada)
2020: I made my first wildcrafted flower essence during lockdown 1 (March 2020-May 2020) in Chamonix and then began developing "Emotion Potions" during the summer of 2021 in Duved, Northern Sweden... now here I am in Chamonix bringing Emotion Potion magic to you. 

a little bit more about me

Nomadic by Nature

My natural disposition is be in international motion. I’ve lived in 9 countries in the past 12 years. You'll find me with the rocks or in the pines  - come as you are.

Living a Mystical Life

I can’t accept anything other than my own experiences as truth, all the rest is hearsay until I say it is, or isn’t, proven by my own experience. Ideals, abstract concepts, expert opinions, science, propaganda and philosophies are vetted through my own scientific experiments (meaning I am seeking to prove myself wrong) and only then, can I offer my experience as truth. I encourage you to own your own discernment.

Self-healing and emotional empowerment isn’t "woo woo" or "conspiracy", it’s the path of authentic freedom for your happiness and health. In my experience, self-healing and self-creating has become my lifestyle. You don't get on the path to life you love, and then, get off it. We are hardwired for bliss and regeneration. Reclaim that for yourself. Your authentic adventure in this life is your body (human jumpsuit) and your emotions are your compass for your constant evolution.

I've spent over 10 years healing my body, mind, lifestyle and relationships from the inside out. And what I didn't expect, but now I appreciate the most is ~ healing, as with manifesting, is a continuous spiralling evolution of expanding my authentic freedom.

Wild Sensual Witch

I'm an avid observer and listener, specifically of the unsaid and unseen. I've always had a knack for seeing the big picture and understanding the unique perspectives and energetics of an individual and also reading the energetics of the group-at-large. Since I can remember, I've "known" things and I've always been able to feel people's true motivations. I also see things. In my mid-twenties, I began to understand my deep (and often dark intricacies of who I am... hello Scorpio in Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Ceres with a Cancer Moon) emphatic and psychic qualities. Often misunderstood from my childhood to early adulthood, my psychic sensitivities and my emotions, have now become my regenerating powers of creation. I really can't help it, I just live witchy, naturally.

Online Business & Branding Entrepreneur

So just when you thought you had me pinned ~ think again. I’m lucky that my diverse range of graphic design, SEO, copywriting, blog writing, website design and development, and coaching skills can be combined into a sought-after profession in the digital age. I have a very busy brain that loves to ideate and create. I operate a triad of a technical engineer brain, a creative director brain and empathic motivating brain, which I have been leveraging in various formations as a self-employed business owner since 2013.

As a Digital Sales Strategy & Art Director, I combine authentic content marketing, email marketing and brand design with social advertising to sell services and products to specialised audiences. I work with awesome businesses owners in the holistic health and wellness industry.


Is there something wrong with me?

I was 25 with a BA in Journalism & French, with no language for emotions. “Trauma” wasn’t a mainstay in my vocabulary at the time, neither was “emotion”. I didn’t know that one could suffer a severe emotional aftermath after experiencing trauma as a bystander, never mind the traumas I had personally experienced. I had zero compassion for myself and zero tolerance for emotional understanding. These was “no time” to have PTSD or "no good reason" to be verbalising my suffering. In addition, I have always secretly expected that I might be "on the spectrum". I had no idea that my personality faults and social deficiencies can be diagnosed as ADHD or Brain-Divergent. No one seemed to notice that a bottomless pit of pain had become my new normal, least of all, me. I’m intense and complex on an easy day. I have deep emotional reactions to most situations (5 planets in Scorpio with a Cancer Moon), plus I’m immensely empathic, yet feelings were extremely difficult for me to verbalise.  All of this I had yet to realise about myself.

Let's normalise emotional healing.

Pain is your body (and your life’s) way of getting your attention. 
It's your responsibility to listen to your body.

Unacknowledged wounds from the past imprint on the psyche and take the driving seat of your sub-conscious (this is the protection mechanism of the amygdala in the brain) and play on repeat in your life until/unless resolution.
It's seems counter-productive to feel pain to heal but this is the process of emotional empowerment.

Emotion potions offer natural emotional support 
to dissolve the subconscious limitations 
causing emotional chaos and blocking your authentic happiness.

Like a kaleidoscope, emotions appear chaotic

until authentic patterns come into focus as one interrelated magnificent whole.

You are not broken. 

In fact, because you're here, you're a hero,
because you're looking for solutions
beyond the status quo.

You don't need to suppress or eradicate your emotions.

Emotional Support, Naturally.

Step out of emotional chaos,

into emotional freedom. 


Custom emotional support formulations for specific and typical life scenarios. What do you need support with? Pick your potion!


For your specific personal emotional requirements,  you can email order a bespoke formulation exclusive to your situation.

 Redefine your emotional patterns and rejuvenate your connection with yourself towards your desires
(bespoke formulation included).