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Your Vibe Guide

Hi, I'm Heidi,

Welcome to a space where "vibe" matters most.

Let's normalise emotional healing.

Pain is your body (and your life’s) way of getting your attention. 
It's your responsibility to listen to your body.
Unacknowledged wounds from the past imprint on the psyche and take the driving seat of your sub-conscious (this is the protection mechanism of the amygdala in the brain) and play on repeat in your life until/unless resolution.
It's seems counter-productive to feel pain to heal but this is the process of emotional empowerment.

Like a kaleidoscope, emotions appear chaotic

until authentic patterns

come into focus

as one interrelated magnificent whole.

You are not broken. 

In fact, because you're here, you're a hero,
because you're listening to your body.

You don't have to suppress or eradicate your emotions.

You can root into yourself,
reconnect with feeling good in yourself
& authentically be yourself.


Could I be happy?

I was 25 with a BA in Journalism & French, with no language for emotions. “Trauma” wasn’t a mainstay in my vocabulary at the time, neither was “emotion”. I didn’t know that one could suffer a severe emotional aftermath after experiencing trauma as a bystander, never mind the traumas I had personally experienced. I had zero compassion for myself and zero tolerance for emotional understanding. These was “no time” to have PTSD or "no good reason" to be verbalising my suffering. In addition, I have always secretly expected that I might be "on the spectrum". I had no idea that my personality faults and social deficiencies can be diagnosed as ADHD or Brain-Divergent. No one seemed to notice that a bottomless pit of pain had become my new normal, least of all, me. I’m intense and complex on an easy day. I have deep emotional reactions to most situations (5 planets in Scorpio with a Cancer Moon), plus I’m immensely empathic, yet feelings were extremely difficult for me to verbalise.  All of this I had yet to realise about myself.

a little bit more about HEIDI

Nomadic by Nature

My natural disposition is be in international motion. I’ve lived in 9 countries in the past 12 years. You'll find me with rocks, pines or ice cold water - come as you are.

Living a Mystical Life

I can’t accept anything other than my own experiences as truth; all the rest is hearsay until I say it is, or isn’t, proven by my own experience. Ideals, abstract concepts, expert opinions, science, propaganda and philosophies are vetted through my own scientific experiments (meaning I am seeking to prove myself wrong) and only then, can I offer my experience as truth. I encourage you to own your own discernment.

Self-healing and emotional empowerment isn’t "woo woo" or "conspiracy", it’s the path of authentic freedom for your happiness and health. In my experience, self-healing and self-creating have become my lifestyle. You don't get on the path to life you love, and then, get off it. We are hardwired for bliss and regeneration. Reclaim that for yourself. Your authentic adventure in this life is your body (human jumpsuit) and your emotions are your compass for your constant evolution.

I've spent over 10 years healing my body, mind, lifestyle and relationships from the inside out. And what I didn't expect, but now I appreciate the most is ~ healing, as with creating, is a continuous spiralling evolution of expanding who I am & who I be.

Wild Sensual Witch

I'm an avid observer and listener, specifically of the unsaid and unseen. I've always had a knack for seeing the big picture and understanding the unique perspectives and energetics of an individual and also reading the energetics of the group-at-large. Since I can remember, I've "known" things and I've always been able to feel people's true motivations. I also see things. In my mid-twenties, I began to understand my deep (and often dark intricacies of who I am... hello Scorpio in Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Ceres with a Cancer Moon) emphatic and psychic qualities. Often misunderstood from my childhood to early adulthood, my psychic sensitivities and my emotions, have now become my regenerating powers of creation. I really can't help it, I just live witchy, naturally. 

Online Business & Branding Entrepreneur

So just when you thought you had me pinned ~ think again. I’m lucky that my diverse range of graphic design, copywriting, website design and development, and coaching skills can be combined into a sought-after profession in the digital age. I have a very busy brain that loves to ideate and create. I operate a triad of a technical engineer brain, a creative director brain and empathic motivating brain, which I have been leveraging in various formations as a self-employed business owner since 2013.

As a Digital Sales Strategy & Art Director, I combine authentic content marketing, email marketing and brand design with social advertising to sell services and products to specialised audiences. I work with awesome businesses owners in the holistic health and wellness industry.

Wake up happy,


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